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Kami no Michi on Brazilian TV

Communicator Dalcides Biscalquin showed off the health bracelet in Brazil. The communicator Dalcides Biscalquin displayed the health bracelet in Brazil. With a master in communication, he graduated in Philosophy with a major in Theology. He is the presenter at the daily shows “Escolhas da Vida”(Life Choices) and “Conta Comigo”(Count on Me) on Rede Vida de

Japan Tour

Have you ever thought about visiting Japan and discovering the birthplace of Shinto? Kabuki, Ikebana, Sumo – they all come from shinto roots. Shinto’s universe is huge and usually brings surprises even for the Japanese. In the second week of December we will offer our first guided tour to let people know more about Shinto.We’ll

Kami no Michi in the media

Two articles about our omamori bracelets were published in important magazines in the Southeast Asia region (Expat Living, for English Readers, and Brazil Away, for Portuguese readers). We are grateful and hope that the bracelets find their owners and help them walk the path of love, health and abundance. May our paths meet!

Harvest Festival 2022

Our team was in the village and for 4 intense days recorded in images and interviews with the guardians of the golden grass. For the first time, spectators will be able to observe this moment

Expat Living

We will be in the traditional Christmas fair of the charming Cluny Court, in front of the Botanical Garden, in Singapore.

Candles – why South Korea?

Kimchi is a well-seasoned side that comes along with Korean meals. Onggi (Korean: 옹기, 甕器) is Korean earthenware extensively used as tableware and storage containers in Korea. It includes both unglazed earthenware, fired near 600 to 700°C, and pottery with a dark brown glaze fired at over 1100 °C. The origin of onggi dates to around 4000 to 5000 BC.  The types of earthenware include patternless, mumun, and a red