Kami No Michi

The awakening

When the world yields to the Tao, racehorses will be used to transport manure. When the world ignores the Tao, war horses graze in public areas.

There is no greater sin than desire. There is no greater misfortune than discontent. There is no greater calamity than greed.

Limitation of Desire – Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu


Our products are omamoris, amulets with a specific purpose. Omamori (御守 or お守り) are Japanese amulets commonly sold at Shinto and Buddhist shrines, dedicated to certain Shinto kami as well as Buddhist figures. Traditional omamori consists of a piece of paper or wood with a message of luck, peace and faith written on it plus the name of the temple or shrine where it was obtained, then kept inside a fabric bag with a string so it can be tied anywhere. It is common to see them hanging inside family cars to bring good luck.
Omamoris are not sold in stores, only in temples or religious headquarters.

After the seclusion imposed by the Pandemic, we created these omamoris to help people who were away from social life, who were taken by anxiety and who somehow felt aimless.

This first collection consists of 3 bracelets that can be worn by men, women and children.

Conceived after a suggestion by the monks of the Takeda Jinja temple, in Yamanashi, Japan; they were made in Thailand in an absolutely artisanal way with pieces in silver and natural fibers coming from Jalapão, region located in the center of Brazil. The stones are natural, coming from different countries, and do not have color alteration treatments. They were just polished to preserve their natural strength. 

After being produced – in very limited edition – the bracelets were blessed.


The stones were chosen by leading experts in gemology (yes: gemology is not superstition, it is serious and ongoing study of identifying the chemical and physical properties of minerals and their properties) that are also Shinto monks. The selected gems have specific properties and were combined to balance energy and enhance certain goals. The natural fibers, which shine like gold, were harvested by quilombola (ex-slaves) communities and came from a region whose soil is rich in aluminum – which gives it its color. The guardians of the village of Mumbuca (Dotora, Santinha and many more) protect the paths of Capim Dourado / Golden Grass to ensure that nature continues to offer men one of the most beautiful and precious fibers in the world. Golden grass is not sown, it is only harvested. Nowadays, because of climate change, rampant exploitation, and smuggling activities, it is in serious danger.

The candle was produced by a start up in South Korea that used mostly natural ingredients and essential oils exclusively combined for this collection and with the aim of favoring your awakening.

The bracelets are packed in small kimchi / onggi pots, made by small communities also in South Korea. Its original use is for the manufacture of pickles and fermented products. In this smaller edition, they use the same iron-rich clay which gives them a dark brown color. Of course, we thought of the symbolic meaning of brewing the power of the jewel so that it is potentiated when you put it on your wrist.

The mantras, handwritten, one by one, by the Takeda monks, contain the power emanating from the honest words and desires of those who walk the path of truth and good. For us, they are the real gem you are getting. Keep them carefully and give them the importance they deserve. Having a handwritten mantra is for few.  We are grateful for the guidance of the monks and for the unique opportunity to have precious pieces of paper that were tested (there were 10 types until reaching the end), studied to receive in ink words of power.

Upon receiving this jewel, place the candle, light the wick, read the mantra (or say a prayer of your choice, meditate or put on music that pleases you - what takes you to the path of the divine). Think about the proposal of your omamori bracelet and lock it on your wrist. It should no longer be taken from your arm – even if you play high-intensity sports, frequent swimming pools, or beaches. They are tough and made for continuous, everyday use. If your bracelet is made with natural fibers, with constant use, in a few months or years it will fall apart – and that is the intention. The purpose of this bracelet goes beyond its very existence.
The purpose of lighting a candle, praying/meditating, and keeping your amulet attached to your wrist is to help you achieve Health, Love or Money. For that, you need to focus on good intentions and in the actions arising from the plan you are going to draw instead of clinging to jewelry or metal and gemstones.
They are not healing bracelets, but they bring the roots of Shinto to your heart. You are not alone in the world and you should  want what you want; but to get what you need  you must connect to the spirit world, talk to your God. This should be a natural, everyday activity. Eating, sleeping, bathing and connecting with the spiritual plane are human needs.
The candle will help you create an environment conducive to the meeting of body and spirit, matter and essence.
Prayer will take you to other planes and the bracelet will, with its daily presence, lead you to the path you are looking for. One day you won't need the bracelet anymore because you've finally found your way. MICHI. CAMINHO. WAY. みち

Our work does not involve luck, superstition or magic: it embraces science, technical knowledge and the philosophy of Shinto.


We hope you can achieve your goals.

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Not going out the door, I have knowledge of the world. Not looking through the window I perceive the Tao of the sky. The more you wander into the distance, the less you know.

Therefore, the sage does not wander but understands, does not see things but defines them, does not work but completes.

SEEING THE DISTANT – Book of the Tao


Thousands of a thousand gods heal you.
Thousands of a thousand gods restore your breath of life.
Thousands of a thousand gods protect you forever.


Every day in eternity,
May Love flow in you and for you.
May the vital energy that moves the worlds,
Stand over your head.
Every day that Love reaches you!

Blessings of prosperity have now come to you!
You will never lack for anything,
Where do you put your strength,
The Holy will prosper in abundance!