Kami No Michi

About Us

We are a duo born in the same country that have been separated by two hemispheres for almost two decades. 

The non-conformity with religious dogmas, the eternal search to know and understand the world and the detachment from the western ideals of success (read as material wealth) and the non-understanding of an unanthropological view of the East as being completely opposite to the West ended up leading us to the freedom of belief and righteousness and simplicity of Shinto ethical and moral concepts.

Our company follows Shintoism and believes that the definition of "path of the gods" is not complete. The path of Kami fits better.

We produce pieces that aim to help you find the paths of Shinto. As a result, you will soon discover that our pieces are neither jewelry nor eternal - they make you reflect on what is inside you.

By the time when the natural fibers of the items wear out you will have understood that what matters is not the talisman, but the strength of the energy you put into your goals.